BSB Executive Series: The Art of Branding

The Breakfast Series Continues with Know, Wow, and Win!

Advertising, Branding, Communications & Marketing Professional Lisa Ross-Magenty Blaettler shared with BSB students her experiences and insights with during our Breakfast Series talks. 
Branding first means you need to KNOW your audience or customer, never forget, they are real people. Lisa then went on to show examples of how you can WOW and finally WIN them over. The range of possibilities is amazing from coal companies to Dubai horse racing. Her most important message to the students was: learn from the best, but then create your own tool. And ideas come from everywhere, so make sure to get out into the world, visit unusual places, meet people from different backgrounds, be open.

Lisa has worked for some of the world’s leading advertising agencies including Young & Rubicam (WPP), Tequila/London (BDDP now TBWA) and Orbit International (Lowe Group). Throughout her career, she has been building global brands while delivering multi-market, integrated communications campaigns and providing strategic marcoms advice at the most senior levels. The impact of her work has been felt in both developed and rapid-growth markets across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 
Lisa has also created and ran a successful marketing/communications team for one of the world’s leading peacebuilding organizations, Interpeace. She defined the brand, developed the international media relations program, introduced social media, relaunched the website and wrote/edited the annual reports, country reports, presentations and other key documents. She also provided communications and presentation training to colleagues in addition to brand consultancy for specific programs located across the world. 

Thank you, Lisa, for a great talk. There is nothing like hearing from real practitioners!

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