Helping Basel Moms and Babies in Need

Waking up for school or work on a Monday morning can be a bit of a challenge, but this past Monday, students and faculty from BSB eagerly got up little earlier than usual. Just after dawn, they headed out to SOS Mother and Baby to help with the semi-annual inventory change-out.  

SOS Mother and Baby offers free and discreet help to mothers who are in need, regardless of origin, religion or social status. The service is run by volunteers and is politically and denominationally neutral. The assistance takes place through the accompaniment and material support.

The charity was founded in Freiburg Switzerland over 40 years ago as SOS Werdene Mutter (SOS Expectant Mothers). There are now sixteen branches throughout Switzerland, with the Basel branch located in Riehen. The association offers a helping hand to all mothers who, either during pregnancy or raising of their families, suffer personal or financial distress.

SOS offers help to over 250 families in Basel with counseling and referral services as well a charity shop, where families can collect items they need for their children, such as clothes, strollers, cribs, changing tables, playpens, bedding, car seats, nappies/diapers, toys, books and much more.

Information about SOS Mother and Baby Basel is available online at

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