MBAs Host "Global Village" Fundraiser

As part of their Project Management course, MBA students from the Basel School of Business organized a fundraising event, which featured foods from five different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America). Dishes from six different countries were served and shared among the attendees and organized by the students.

The money raised will be used to help the orphans of the Educational Summer Camp Children-UA. The camp was conceived and built by BSB Graduate Student Jenya Lavicka in 2009 to actively help underprivileged kids without parents to get a better chance in life. Because these kids did not have a role model to guide them through life, she wanted to help them do just that.

There are currently over 100’000 orphaned children in the Ukraine and only 1% of them are currently receiving an education. Jenya wanted to change this and so she created the summer camp. The camp motivates orphaned children to pursue a degree in order to achieve a better quality of life, by encouraging their life skills and. Aged 12 -14. Teach children the importance of education and how to build healthy social relationships. The camp has 20 children, which allows the volunteers to give participant individualized attention. Approximately 85% of the funding for the camp comes from fundraising events such as the one organized by BSB.

Dr. Frédéric Thébaud said that this class was a great opportunity to “apply the theoretical tools I teach in each chapter. The students directly applied concepts such as planning, task management, cost management and had to learn to adjust it to the scale of the event. They truly learned by doing. “ Thébaud continued “being able to actually apply the tools learned without any shortcuts truly prepares the students for their next projects at work.”. During each chapter, the students applied the content directly for the project. Fighting the tendencies to avoid applying big tools to small projects. Concept to truly use the tools given and truly apply them correctly. The student raised CHF 2’600.- which will cover the costs of four children to enjoy a summer in Switzerland for a week of education, fun and memories. The amount raised from the students surpasses all previous donations and satisfies 20% of the entire budget for the camp.

Part of the BSB teaching model is the Practical Experiential learning method. Key components of this approach is the application of the learned material and for the students to find a meaningful connection to the content. The social engagement is part of the school's philosophy, since they are also members of the UN PRME.




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