Linking with the International Dual Career Network

Academic Dean, Prof. Philip Weinberg was a guest speaker at the recent “Launch your career in the Swiss job market” meeting held by the Basel chapter of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). Along with Prof. Pieter Perrett (FHNW), and Michael Kres (ProMove), Prof. Weinberg was a panel member in the debate on Up-skilling for a new career.


Offering practical tips and tricks, the industry experts answered questions from an audience of approximately 200 enthusiastic IDCN participants.  Prof. Weinberg offered his perspective on making oneself more competitive in the job market,


"Now that you are here in Basel, it's important to understand that there are four key areas in which you can up-skill: Functional Skills, Industry Awareness, Cultural Awareness, and Linguistic Ability." 


Focusing on the skills required in the local job market, Prof. Weinberg addressed the uniqueness of Basel's high concentration of Pharmaceutical, Financial, Consumer and Cultural Organizations.  "These companies are looking for employees who are not only experts in their specific disciplines, but also bring in-depth industry knowledge." Internships, temporary work-contracts, and specializations in areas such as Pharmaceutical Management or Financial Analysis give applicants an excellent opportunity to develop their industry specific skills, while continuing education courses such as Graduate Certificates or an MBA provide a breadth of functional area knowledge.


Prof. Weinberg also spoke of the importance of integration into the community by participating in local activities, joining clubs, and experiencing any of the hundreds of cultural events Basel has to offer.  In addition to enhancing your stay in the region, it has the added value of helping you to learn the local language, both of which are important indicators to a prospective employer of your commitment to remaining and integrating in the area. 


In addition to BSB, The  International Dual Career Network of Basel has 5 partners in the region who actively support this Network: Roche, Syngenta, Bayer, Lonza and EY. More information about the IDCN is available at

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