The DBA Program admits a small group of experienced executives in senior leadership positions who will benefit from a rigorous, research oriented course of study. As a doctoral candidate, you will work very closely with several of our professors whose areas of interest correspond to your desired research topic. We encourage you to view their current publication lists.


Formal Requirements

There are several formal admissions requirements:

  • A minimum of 10 years experience in a managerial capacity
  • A master’s degree from an accredited university in their area of research or a closely related field
  • English proficiency (may be demonstrated through testing (IELTS/TOEFL), prior academic study, or significant work experience)
  • Two references who can attest to your academic potential, professional performance, and character. Please provide one academic and one professional reference.
  • A research proposal (what questions will be addressed, a brief literature review, and the potential impact of the research study)


The Research Proposal

One of the key aspects of the application for doctoral study is the research proposal. Please prepare a 1’000 to 2’000 word research proposal outlining the following aspects (as appropriate):

  • What is your area of interest?  
  • What general topic would you like to explore?  
  • What does previous research say about this topic? 
  • What specific questions would you like to answer or what problem would you like to solve?
  • Is there a specific industry in which you would like to research?
  • Which methodology would you like to utilize?
  • Why is this area of interest to you?
  • How will you use this research in your professional life (now or in the future)?


Doctoral Study Intent

Choosing to pursue doctoral studies is a significant life decision. At BSB, we want to help you explore all the factors in order to make the right decision.

Complete this form and we'll schedule a meeting with the academic dean to discuss the DBA program and the outcomes of doctoral study. Please provide your name, email address, master's degree, and a brief synopsis (500 words) of your area of interest.

Thank you for your interest in the DBA program at The Basel School of Business!



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